Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Diggin' Up Bones

The first 'installation' on our deck!-2013
Jeff has started yet another home "improvement" project! Well, that's what WE consider it....the stuck up neighbors next door, maybe not so much! Hey, they knew who they were moving next door to! Bwahahahaha!

A huge fan of horror flicks, Jeff is paying homage to one of his favorites, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". We're creating a "Leather Face" Deck and we'd LOVE your help and contribution! If you have any bones lyin' around that you would like to contribute, please hit us up! We'll even put your name on the bones you contribute...like a delightfully weird sponsorship kinda thing! You could consider yourself like a ritzy development benefactor, but instead of your name on a brick of some boring ass hospital walkway, your name will be on some cool bones that are part of a badass display on our deck! All we ask is that no human or animal is intentionally harmed just to provide bones for our deck! Duh!
From Texas Chain Saw Massacre-1974

We'll be posting pictures along the way and we look forward to sharing our progress with you guys! Now all we need is some deck furniture made of bones (or that at least looks like it is and isn't cheesy)!!!

See ya again soon!

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