Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hey people,

I Did not introduce the person running the blog now. It is Stacey Davidson. She has managed bands and done show promotions and so much more. What she does best at is being my girlfriend and soon wife. You heard it right! They say the third time is a charm, and I believe this will be true!

Stacey has posted some cool stuff so far but I see no comments at all. Show this woman some love (Not the kind I show her hehe) but some love none the less, post a reply. I may post again sometime in the future ( is that applauding I can hear as no one likes to read my chicken scratch). I am pretty sure she will be doing most of the work here. If you have something cool about art or cool shows etc be sure to Stacey her up, it just may appear on the blog here.

Oh one last thing, wait until you see this new jewelry Stacey and myself are teaming up on. I think you will love them!

OH one more last thing, I want too thank all the people that tell me how much they enjoy my art on-line or in person, It means a lot to me. See ya around soon.



  1. guys make me so happy to see!!!! Mucho love for you two in this household!!!!!

  2. Not sure who "The Forked Tongue" actually is, but thanks so much!! For some reason, I am just now seeing this comment here! Lol! ~Stacey