Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1, 2013

You know the old saying..."lightning never strikes twice in the same place" Well, that's nothing more than an old myth! There's no better proof of that than the hellacious storm  brewing in the Gaither family for several generations! Not only did "lightning" strike twice, but several times, all in the same place (or, family if you will). An unmistakeable talent and passion for art is definitely imprinted in this family's genetic code. 

By Jeff's Aunt Linda ~ 1972
Proudly hanging in a prominent spot on Gaither's living room wall is a bright and colorful daisy painted by his aunt Linda in 1972. At first glance, this cheerful, singular flower may seem a bit out of place. Why does it hang in what many compare to a museum full of horror, rock 'n roll, and monster art and memorabilia. To Jeff, this small painting is an homage to the talent and strength of one of the most influential people in his life and career. This talented and courageous woman was brutally taken from us long before the world would recognize her talent and passion for art...and life! You might be asking yourself, "what in the hell does this have to do with anything? Well, here's what. It might be safe to say it was his Aunt Linda who was one of the greatest contributors to his incredible and unique style of Rock 'n Roll Monster Art. While Jeff's art has taken to showing many new directions with his recent work, there is no mistaking that it is this style for which he is so well known. Gaither was just a young boy when Aunt Linda took him to his first horror movies (Night of the Living Dead and The Exorcist), She also bought Jeff his first Monsters of Filmland magazine and from there, we can say, the rest is artistic the making! Along with Jeff's mother, Ladonna, the kids in the family were always encouraged to indulge in art. The two ladies were always painting, drawing, crafting or involved in theater or some other sort of artistic adventure! Jeff credits these two women with always inspiring and encouraging him to work hard at and believe in his art. Partly as a result of the effort and effect these these two women had on him, Jeff has remained dedicated to perfecting his talent and taking it to the incredible level that he has.I guess you could say they created a monster!

Book of the Dead - by Braxton W. Gaither
Now Jeff's son, Braxton, is following in his old man's footsteps. Braxton has had several professional clients and jobs in the past, and has been honing his own particularly impressive and unique brand of original art for several years. He recently left a job in the food service industry to focus solely on his talent and dedicate his time and energies to the development of his art career. Braxton's work will soon be published in an upcoming edition of Pure Uncut Candy,Louisville's all inclusive art browser and The Dirty Derby Magazine, Louisville's hottest new publication! It's exciting to see him growing both personally and professionally. Check out Braxton and his work on  Facebook or drop him a line. Way to go, Brax!

By Ava Cooper ~ 2013
As if this weren't enough, Jeff's niece, Ava Cooper, has now "officially" arrived on the art scene as well! Naturally, she has has always shared a familial love and passion for art, and damn this girl is GOOD! Ava has studied Art and Drama all through high school and recently graduated from Bullitt Central High School this week. Her recent work also just won her a Congressional Art Award! Her painting will be on display in Kentucky Congressman Bret Guthrie's office for the next year! Ava has also been accepted into and will be attending the Art Program at Northern Kentucky University beginning in the fall! Go AVA!!

So, what, or should we say who, is next? Keep your eyes on the Gaither clan to find out! As I am about to join this amazing, loving, talented, fun and delightfully psycho family, I am excited to soon be offering some of my own personal artistic creations. Jeff and I will also debut some cool joint projects soon and we're pretty damn sure fans are gonna love 'em! I not only look forward to spending my life with Jeff, but with his family and fans too! We'll be sure to keep you guys posted on our celebration plans, art events, and from time to time even some of Jeff's amusing ramblings!

Jeff at Prophecy Ink "Sheear Heart Attack" Exhibit
So, as storm clouds form overhead, and the sizzle and pop of lightening surrounds, take may just be the next member of the Gaither family honing their apparently inborn artistic abilities!

Before I say goodbye, if you guys have something cool you'd like us to cover or mention here, let us know! Jeff absolutely loves to hear from his fans! Jeff and I, as well as some everyday and celebrity "Guest" bloggers will now be posting here regularly. You won't want to miss out! We just might be droppin' some cool opportunities soon, and this will be the only place where to find out about 'em, so keep checkin' us out! 

See ya again soon!

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