Monday, July 29, 2013

Showing at SUNERGOS

Stop by SUNERGOS COFFEE to see several of Jeff's newest paintings and treat yourself to unprecedented service and an amazing cup of coffee or espresso while you're at it (and their Chai Latte is to die for...YUM)! This "coffee shop" is kick ass...certainly not your everyday cup o' Joe. Sunergos is a deep, bleeding, oozing cut above the rest! They even do their own roasting, right on the premises, and you can watch the whole process through their viewing window! For Jeff, it is also a privilege to display at a coffee shop that is as passionate about their art as they are their coffee and other offerings! They regularly feature local and regional artists on display in their three locations.

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                                                                                                                  Thursday Night Throwdown (aka TNT) Latte Art Competitions

Photo courtesy of
Sunergos Coffee - Woodlawn Location
306 West Woodlawn Avenue
Louisville KY  40214

Hours of Operation

Monday 6:30am – 9:00pm
Tuesday 6:30am – 9:00pm
Wednesday 6:30am – 9:00pm
Thursday 6:30am – 9:00pm
Friday 6:30am – 10:00pm
Saturday 7:30am – 10:00pm
Sunday 7:30am – 8:00pm

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paying METAL Forward!!!

O.K., so...many of you know Jeff as the notorious, prolific and scary horror artist, right? Did you know he also does a bunch of "nice" stuff?? While he has always felt it was extremely important to "give back" by sharing his talent, his latest cause is particularly cool!

                                                                         One of Jeff's most recently completed projects is the logo design and artwork for PAYING METAL FORWARD. The group was founded by a couple of metalheads who had both faced serious medical situations. Many times during their illnesses, these guys were able to think about something else, something badass and fun! This was due in large part to the thoughtfulness and compassion of metal bands, metalheads, and others in the genre across the world who took the time to send little care packages and stuff to help get these guys through.

Jeff had worked with one of the organizations founders (Pete Altieri, bass player/singer for Low Twelve, and of Heavycore Records) on several previous occasions. When Pete asked Jeff if he would be interested in donating his time and talent to create a logo for this awesome group of (cool) philanthropists, Jeff was totally down for it! I mean seriously, how often do many people in general think of serious metal fans as being philanthropic, kindhearted people who would give the shirt off their backs to help another in need!

I will be posting an interview with co-founder, Pete Altieri, here on the blog soon, so I won't go into all the details right at the moment. What I will do, however, is give you a little background from their Facebook page, and link ya up! We would appreciate the hell out of it if you would go check the organization out, and think about what you can do to support their mission. ALSO, if you know of a fellow metal head who could benefit from PAYING METAL FORWARD, contact these guys! Anybody fighting a serious illness or medical condition needs all the support, diversion and encouragement they can get! LET'S GIVE 'EM OURS!

THEY ALSO NEED METAL BANDS!!! Metal bands of ALL kinds who, if asked, would like to support the PMF organization by pledging to send music, shirts, stickers or whatever you can to a metal brother or sister in need if they ask. The guys at PMF want to give those facing serious medical situations a distraction while they are going through such difficult times! It's medically proven that it is beneficial to these patients and yes, METAL CAN WORK MIRACLES!

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 Low Twelve - "Crawl Space"

**From PAYING METAL FORWARD Facebook Pages-what PMF is all about!!**

Metal heads helping metal heads. Our organization wants to get metal music to metal heads who are suffering or struggling with a serious medical problem.

Paying Metal Forward's mission is to reach out to metal heads who are in real need of a break or diversion from a serious battle they are in. If we can make a metal head forget their situation for a little while, then we have served our purpose!

Paying Metal Forward is an non-profit organization to help fellow metal heads deal with an extremely difficult situation in their lives. As more bands, record labels, and individuals commit to helping the cause, as metal heads apply for help, PMF will make arrangements to have bands, labels and individuals send them music, dvds or anything to help keep their mind off the situation. In some cases, PMF will try to arrange to have band members from their favorite bands call them, or mail them autographed pictures.

PMF makes no promises, but will do our best to get metal heads the help they need to make it through a tough time!

Paying Metal Forward was founded by metal heads Pete Altieri and Chris Kovacs. Both wanted to start the organization during the summer of 2013 as a way to help fellow metal heads who were struggling with a serious disease or a similar crisis.
Pete Altieri, bass player/singer for Low Twelve fought his own battle with testicular cancer during the summer of 2001. After collapsing after a show in May of 2001, Pete was taken to the hospital and within only a few minutes was told that he likely had cancer. Blood tests confirmed the diagnosis and after having the tumor removed, Pete had to undergo intensive chemo to tackle the many tumors that were spread throughout his body. With the help of family, friends, and the legions of Low Twelve fans, Pete was able to remain strong and determined to beat the 50/50 odds he was given for survival. Oddly enough, on 9/11/01 he was told that his cancer was in remission. This coming September 11th will mark twelve years cancer free!

Chris Kovacs found out on March 5, 2013 that he had a perforated colon due to a mass that literally was strangling his colon. After emergency surgery to remove the mass it was determined that he had stage 4 colon cancer and the cells had spread to his liver. It was at this time that he was contacted by Pete - a former Bethel High School (CT) classmate and fellow metal head. Pete was one of many friends who reached out to Chris in his hour of need.

Pete contacted metal bands throughout the US to send Chris CDs, DVDs, or whatever they could spare to help keep his mind off cancer. Chris was buried in packages from metal heads across the country. In addition, Pete arranged phone calls from two musicians that were in one of Chris' all time favorite bands - Fates Warning. These calls helped inspire Chris and gave him the resolve to fight the good fight.

Chris said, "I told Pete as soon as I am better I would like to pay it forward. Pete had the same idea and together we came up with the idea of helping people who suffer from any medical issue. I am still going through treatment and my prognosis is to be fully cured by November. I have to believe that the reason why I am doing so well is due to people who I have never met helping a fellow metal head. Not only am I a co-founder of Paying Metal Forward but the first client. \m/"
Any metal head - of any age, who is struggling with any major medical issue can contact us at or on twitter @MetalForward and we will be in touch. We will need to verify your claim, but only to weed out the people who really need our help. Please understand we are not looking to profit from this in the least. Only to help fellow metal heads who need it - just as others have helped Chris and Pete battle their cancer as well. Brothers helping brothers - or sisters!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hittin' the airwaves!

Join Jeff with Uber City Radio host, John Marshall, for

We had the pleasure of meeting John at Dead Winter Horror Convention this past winter in Somerset, KY. The whole Uber City Radio team was awesome, but John really made an impression, especially with Jeff! After interviewing with John during the convention, Jeff said it was probably one of the best interviews he has done! John plays some kick ass tunes on Bod's Mayhem Hour, and has some pretty killer guests and interviews (just this past week John interviewed Phil Anselmo of Pantera/Down)!

Tune in this Tuesday evening, July 30th at 6 p.m. Eastern time. You'll get to rock the hell out to some killer music (and probably influenced by Jeff's particularly twisted ear), and ya might even learn a few things about him ya never knew (or maybe never wanted to know)! Bwahahaha!

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Little Did We Know...

Jeff recently completed some pretty badass art and design work for Louisville, KY based metal band "littledidweknow".Check out the front cover below. Jeff also created the entire CD package layout and design, as well as a shirt and tour poster. The colors on this are INSANE (but of course, we've come to expect nothing less)!

You can check out a couple of their tunes on their Facebook BandPage, or catch them live this Saturday, July 27th at Louisville Deathfest!!!

Get Brutal!

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Friday, July 19, 2013


California thrash band, Cholos On Acid, are back on the scene...and their newest CD, "Grab Your Brain", is due to be released next month. Their "re"-debut CD will feature some killer iconic looking cover art by none other than yours truly, Jeff Gaither!

Originally hailing from the West San Fernando Valley during the mid 1980’s, many of you might remember this 4 piece thrash punk band. Well, the Cholos are back, and in full force! Three of the original members (Kevin/Vox, Horhay, and Ken) teamed up with a badass new drummer (Carl), to "create a CD that brings back the old days, in a brand new way!" According to COA, this CD will feature "11 tracks of blistering thrash and fist pumping fury that will leave the weak on their knees!" 

If you're in or near California, be sure to check out their show schedule too! If not, maybe you'll get lucky and they'll tour to your hood soon! Be sure to eat your Wheaties before ya go!!!

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For a sneak preview of songs from their new CD, check out this video!

The band is also offering a LAST CHANCE, FREE DOWNLOAD of their CLASSIC 1989 DEMO before the new CD is released! You can grab all 7 tracks from the classic demo at! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

*SNEEK PEAK* -National Comedian John Tole's Debut "Reign in Laughs"

Greetings, Gaither fans!

Wow! It has been busier than a $2 brothel around here lately! Hopefully you follow Jeff on Instagram (jeff_gaither) and Facebook, and already have a little bit of an idea of the tons of crazy stuff he has been up to! By the way, Jeff has a killer Instagram Contest going right now, so get your ass over there and get in on it before it's too late! He's giving away a Free Gaither Designed Stoencutters band t-shirt featuring a GG Allin/Homer Simpson design that is off the chain!

Jeff is super stoked to share that he has just completed the cover for National Comedian, John Tole - The Slayer of Comedy's new album "Reign in Laughs" and, of course, to give you a sneek peak! It's quite an honor to have been personally selected to do the artwork for Joh'n's first album after being signed to Stand Up! Records. Now boasting over 100 releases, Stand Up! is America’s top independent comedy label.

For a taste of  "The Slayer of Comedy", check out the video below and visit his website at! This guy is a damn riot!

We won't waste your time giving you OUR opinion of how side splitting funny the comedy of John Tole is. He is raw, opinionated, brutally realistic and frighteningly truthful...all the things that make for great comedy...especially in the state of our nation and life these days! He says outloud the things many people don't have the balls to! We've posted an excerpt about John from his website below for your reading pleasure, but don't be lame...go check his shit out for yourself! You won't be disappointed...not if you like laughing!

 *About John Tole* ~ from

 John Tole is an international touring comic and tattooed metalhead. Raised on a steady diet of 80s punk and thrash, John rails against the hypocrisy of state control and succeeds in exposing the false idol of political correctness. He is a hard charging comic who is able to bring audiences together despite a wide variety of divisive topics.

Nicknamed the “Slayer of Comedy”, John is a stand out in the Sold Out Ronnie Mund Block Party Tour(Howard Stern Show) and continues to reign in laughs. John appears on the “Behind The Scenes” show on Howard TV and has written and contributed to The Howard Stern Show and Miserable Men radio show and can be heard on Howard 100, Howard 101 and Sirius Raw Dog Channel 104 as well as his own weekly podcast, “John Tole’s America.”

John has toured and worked with many nationally renowned comedians including Jim Florentine, Jim Norton, Robert Kelly, Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, and Jim Jefferies. John was also the face and host of the Moontower Comedy Festival’s Blue Show for 2012 and 2013.

That's it for now! 
See ya again soon!