Friday, July 19, 2013


California thrash band, Cholos On Acid, are back on the scene...and their newest CD, "Grab Your Brain", is due to be released next month. Their "re"-debut CD will feature some killer iconic looking cover art by none other than yours truly, Jeff Gaither!

Originally hailing from the West San Fernando Valley during the mid 1980’s, many of you might remember this 4 piece thrash punk band. Well, the Cholos are back, and in full force! Three of the original members (Kevin/Vox, Horhay, and Ken) teamed up with a badass new drummer (Carl), to "create a CD that brings back the old days, in a brand new way!" According to COA, this CD will feature "11 tracks of blistering thrash and fist pumping fury that will leave the weak on their knees!" 

If you're in or near California, be sure to check out their show schedule too! If not, maybe you'll get lucky and they'll tour to your hood soon! Be sure to eat your Wheaties before ya go!!!

See Ya Again Soon!

For a sneak preview of songs from their new CD, check out this video!

The band is also offering a LAST CHANCE, FREE DOWNLOAD of their CLASSIC 1989 DEMO before the new CD is released! You can grab all 7 tracks from the classic demo at! 

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