Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hittin' the airwaves!

Join Jeff with Uber City Radio host, John Marshall, for

We had the pleasure of meeting John at Dead Winter Horror Convention this past winter in Somerset, KY. The whole Uber City Radio team was awesome, but John really made an impression, especially with Jeff! After interviewing with John during the convention, Jeff said it was probably one of the best interviews he has done! John plays some kick ass tunes on Bod's Mayhem Hour, and has some pretty killer guests and interviews (just this past week John interviewed Phil Anselmo of Pantera/Down)!

Tune in this Tuesday evening, July 30th at 6 p.m. Eastern time. You'll get to rock the hell out to some killer music (and probably influenced by Jeff's particularly twisted ear), and ya might even learn a few things about him ya never knew (or maybe never wanted to know)! Bwahahaha!

See Ya Again Soon!
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