Thursday, July 18, 2013

*SNEEK PEAK* -National Comedian John Tole's Debut "Reign in Laughs"

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Wow! It has been busier than a $2 brothel around here lately! Hopefully you follow Jeff on Instagram (jeff_gaither) and Facebook, and already have a little bit of an idea of the tons of crazy stuff he has been up to! By the way, Jeff has a killer Instagram Contest going right now, so get your ass over there and get in on it before it's too late! He's giving away a Free Gaither Designed Stoencutters band t-shirt featuring a GG Allin/Homer Simpson design that is off the chain!

Jeff is super stoked to share that he has just completed the cover for National Comedian, John Tole - The Slayer of Comedy's new album "Reign in Laughs" and, of course, to give you a sneek peak! It's quite an honor to have been personally selected to do the artwork for Joh'n's first album after being signed to Stand Up! Records. Now boasting over 100 releases, Stand Up! is America’s top independent comedy label.

For a taste of  "The Slayer of Comedy", check out the video below and visit his website at! This guy is a damn riot!

We won't waste your time giving you OUR opinion of how side splitting funny the comedy of John Tole is. He is raw, opinionated, brutally realistic and frighteningly truthful...all the things that make for great comedy...especially in the state of our nation and life these days! He says outloud the things many people don't have the balls to! We've posted an excerpt about John from his website below for your reading pleasure, but don't be lame...go check his shit out for yourself! You won't be disappointed...not if you like laughing!

 *About John Tole* ~ from

 John Tole is an international touring comic and tattooed metalhead. Raised on a steady diet of 80s punk and thrash, John rails against the hypocrisy of state control and succeeds in exposing the false idol of political correctness. He is a hard charging comic who is able to bring audiences together despite a wide variety of divisive topics.

Nicknamed the “Slayer of Comedy”, John is a stand out in the Sold Out Ronnie Mund Block Party Tour(Howard Stern Show) and continues to reign in laughs. John appears on the “Behind The Scenes” show on Howard TV and has written and contributed to The Howard Stern Show and Miserable Men radio show and can be heard on Howard 100, Howard 101 and Sirius Raw Dog Channel 104 as well as his own weekly podcast, “John Tole’s America.”

John has toured and worked with many nationally renowned comedians including Jim Florentine, Jim Norton, Robert Kelly, Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, and Jim Jefferies. John was also the face and host of the Moontower Comedy Festival’s Blue Show for 2012 and 2013.

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